The Reason Why Children Have Stuffed Animals

Who as a kid wasn’t afraid of the dark?  Hell some people still are:

and for good

Anyway I had a stuffed animal for the early years of my life (pictured above).  I named him Grey Dog and he went EVERYWHERE with me.  I never thought much about it until I came across this picture explaining what he was doing when the shadowlurker up there came around:

That’s right, Grey Dog (like every other children’s stuffed animal) defended me from those things in the night that I believed lived under the bed/in the closet.  And even if he didn’t actually come to life wielding a sword and shield in my defense, what was important is that he provided me comfort from my fears of the unknown.

I guess what I’m saying is that things that seem simple become so much more interesting when dressed up by a little imagination.  I was afraid of what might have been lurking when the lights went out, but I trusted that the little guy I clutched tightly on my way to sleep was in it with me and if a fight for my life with the things of darkness ever happened…he’d be there.

Now much later in life I still use that irrational imagination to help me conjure excitement and theatrics around the gaming table, and I owe the growth of that imagination to that little guy and my belief he was protecting me from the darkness all those years ago.

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