I’m Back!

Well the time has come again to try my hand at keeping up with a weekly blog.  Life for me has been really busy the last year and as a result I found it more and more challenging to keep this guy running.  But all that is ancient history, I updated the URL, added a custom logo and all around PIMPED THIS S&%T OUT!

Pictured: me pimping S&%T out.

But enough about my inability to follow through with projects.  Today’s post is about a project that I was so excited to share that it inspired me to start writing again…  Dungeons & Dragons: A Documentary.

That link leads to the Kickstarter page (of which I am an official contributor).  The project is to fund the crew making a documentary about the iconic game in time for it’s 40th anniversary celebration.  40th!  40 GD years!  That means the game has been enjoyed by all sorts of people since (um, let’s see, carry the one…) 1972!  I myself have enjoyed the game since 1991, and the influence the game has wrought on me carries well into my overtly nerdy adult life.  As a matter of fact every year my oldest friends and I get together at a pseudo-gaming convention in Atlanta named Dragon*Con based largely on our shared experiences gaming around the D&D table when we first met.

Posts on this year’s experience to follow soon

Anyway, check out the page and the video diary and as a huge fan of documentaries about things that interest me, I encourage you to lend a hand. 😉

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