Dragon*Con 2012 – COSPLAY!!

Dragon*Con!  I’ve been looking for an excuse to start penning this blog again and why not the annual geeky shot of adrenaline that is Dragon*Con weekend?  This has been my fourth Dragon*Con, and the fifth for my crew as a whole (I missed the second one due to my move to Boston in 2009).  Every year we get together in Atlanta and celebrate our combined love of all things geeky with our love of partying, and much like all the other years this Dragon*Con did not disappoint:  There was excellent art, a veritable cavalcade of partying, well executed cosplaying among our crew, tense gaming and of course hours and hours of people watching.

It’s gotten pretty big over the years

This year was a particularly busy year for us on account of the upcoming marriage of our pal Cory:

Pictured here cosplaying as the con’s best Doctor Horrible

The partying side of our Dragon*Con experience ramped up to celebrate the good news, made that much easier by our four room block in the Hyatt Regency.  This was Cory’s first year deciding to cosplay and by his own admission the experience was so rewarding that he plans “never to not cosplay again.”

That got me to thinking, one of the things I enjoy most about D*C weekend is people watching the various cosplay, of which I have a few favorite types:

Cosplay that is just obscure enough: This is cosplay that is obscure but not so obscure that I don’t recognize it.  This level of cosplay usually gets the best reaction from me as it feels like the wearer and I share a common wavelength on what is clearly an awesome idea.

This year the category was won by this pair as Dipper and Mabel from Gravity Falls…If you haven’t heard of Gravity Falls, GO WATCH GRAVITY FALLS RIGHT NOW!

Cosplay that breaks the 4th wall/pokes fun at itself: This cosplay always makes me laugh and feel smarter knowing that I got the joke the wearer was going for.

Guy in a wheelchair as a Skyrim guard who took an arrow to the knee? BWAA HAA HAA, PRICELESS!!

Well executed cross-gendering cosplay: Not gonna lie, this entry is mostly reserved for the ‘hot girl dressing as Link or Chewbacca, etc.’ but I have seen plenty of gender bending cosplay in the other direction that elicits solid ironic appreciation.

These girls from Venture Brothers were incredible! While Mrs. Impossible there looked basically exactly like the character, Sergeant Hatred cross-gendered the hell out of her cosplay!

And naturally, just plain old good cosplay: These are usually highly intricate/ extremely detailed cosplay.  They are the most often the cosplayers who play to their strengths (i.e. making good use of their body type/hair color/skin color, etc. to pull off an excellent cosplay)…Mrs. Impossible above certainly qualified in this category as well.

This Link (pictured with our own category 4 Dr. Horrible) actually made the mirror shield and donned the blue mail from LTTP. I’ve seen a lot of Links but that was the first mirror shield and it was amazing.

Along with Dr. Horrible up there our group had some other really good cosplaying going on this year:

Danielle as Chell with the custom portal gun her husband Bart made…she looked fantastic and has been featured in photo shoots in two different cons so far!

Alex & Craig as Mav and Goose. “That’s right Ice…Man, I AM dangerous!”

Ryan, Meredith, Danielle & Bart. These four troopers filled out our zombie contribution for the con. The makeup was done for the first time by Meredith and turned out fantastic!

Ryan’s getup was as “The last survivor” and it was pretty damn intelligent in its accessorizing.

All in all some pretty damn good cosplay from our group and as our D*C experience continues to ever evolve I have decided that next year another contestant will enter the brawl.  As of now, the quest for the best possible cosplay choice is underway…

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2 Responses to Dragon*Con 2012 – COSPLAY!!

  1. Vanessa says:

    YAY! We’re obscure! Thanks for the post! (I’m the Mabel BTW)

    • Erich Kahler says:

      That’s awesome! You and your sister were officially the highlight of the con’s cosplay experience for me this year. Seriously, how do more people not know about Gravity Falls?! Well done! 🙂

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