Oh Boy, It’s-a Mega Man!


Happy New Year!  Blah, blah – I’ll write the blog more often this year, words, words, words – on to today’s post!

A little while back I wrote a post detailing my intense love of video game music.  In that post I led off the whole topic with a track from the original Mega Man.

Mega Man dominated my video gaming youth, so much so that not only was the music wildly influential but my first game design project was to convert the Mega Man X universe to a pen and paper RPG.  One of my favorite reviews of the franchise was done by youtube vlogger Ego Raptor.  I encourage you to click this link and see how impassioned he is about Mega Man – and he is dead on accurate.

Straight up BALLER

Basically I love me the Blue Bomber.

So you can imagine how I felt when I discovered the official Capcom-Unity website.  There is a lot of Mega Man centric content there and A LOT of Capcom employees that are Mega Man classic enthusiasts.  While checking out the site I discovered a couple interesting things like this BALL-ROCKING video for example:


But that is child’s play…because staring right at me on the front page is their most recent project, and words…can’t…mrphhh…just watch:


That’s right, The Blue Bomber vs. the World Warriors!  The game is designed in the Mega Man 4 style which as you should well know was the pinnacle of the NES releases for three reasons:

1. Straightforward run and gun down the 8 bosses style from the first three games
2. Chargeable Buster Cannon
3. Slide, BITCHES!!



Not only is this concept TOTALLY FUCKING AWESOME but – HOLY SHIT, IS IT WELL DESIGNED!!  Follow this link to see their release video.  The game is just re-goddamned-ridiculously well made.  And the best part: IT’S FREE!!!

mind blown

Download it and share in it’s awesomitude. I’ll be playing it for next few days, bringing in the new year right!

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1 Response to Oh Boy, It’s-a Mega Man!

  1. PierreTheMime says:

    While Megaman 4 was great, the slide feature was introduced in Megaman 3. Something that Megaman 4 did introduce which wasn’t used a much in later games was hidden secondary utility weapon options (grapple gun and balloon platform).

    Those hidden items made 4 one of my favorites, specifically because they’re not mentioned anywhere and in Dive Dan’s stage you have to throw yourself into a pit (something that normally kills you) and THEN dodge multi screens of spikes to drop onto the platform with the powerup.

    4 was also the first appearance of Flip Top. Not that big, but still a noted change from the original formula. Additionally the music was some of the best, especially in Dr. Cossack’s stages.

    Basically, what I’m saying, is that Megaman is awesome and I share your enthusiasm.

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