Erich Kahler is an avid table-top gamer, currently living in Boston, MA. He got into pen & paper role playing games in his early teens, around the same time that he became interested in video games. However, over time he developed a passion for tabletop that overshadowed his previous fondness for video games. He grew to resent the constraints that video games naturally place on creativity, as well as the absence of the camaraderie that comes from having your opponents and allies physically present during a competition–a problem in video games which was only made worse with the rise of online gaming.
In searching for the physical closeness absent from online games, Erich has developed a love for hobby board games. Although they are closer to video games in terms of rigidity, he feels that the camaraderie that they bring to a play session compensates for this constraint. He currently designs hobby board games with a focus on the ā€œAmeritrashā€ style.


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