Knights Of Badassdom!

Behold!  A movie centered around LARPing!  In case you don’t already know LARP stands for Live Action Role Play.  As you can (hopefully) surmise from that link, it is a level of geekiness that far surpasses my own.

Pretty much says it all...

With nerd culture on the rise into the popular mainstream these past few years, LARPing has been given the spotlight a few times already, being featured in popular movies like Role Models and even having a couple documentaries on the social phenomenon, 2006’s Darkon and 2007’s Monster Camp.

I'm a little sad I haven't seen this yet.

Now LARPing has its own feature length film, and I gotta admit, it looks freaking awesome.  From the trailer I get the impression that the creators looked to mesh the seriousness that the players have for the craft with the silliness that the rest of us attribute to it.  It looks serious with its action and characters and also funny without being solely “make fun of” funny…which I am hopeful will deliver a very enjoyable product for geeks of all kinds (and maybe even some of you mouth breathing “normals” too).

You know who you are...

Here’s the trailer, I really hope it gets good theater distribution as I definitely want to see this bad boy on opening day:

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Mysterious As The Darkside Of The Moon!

I definitely remember Mulan as one of Disney’s top movies.  What I had forgotten is how awesomely inspiring the training sequence song “Be a Man” was.  With it’s excellent use of percussion and quick string work I daresay it is my favorite all time Disney song, and that includes The Lion King.

Anyway, I stumbled upon this little Gem last night and it has motivated me to start running again. Here it is for your enjoyment/nostalgia:

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Seriously…Every Weekend.


Why is every weekend like this?   Ugh.

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The Result Of Pure Anonymity…

The funny thing is that those two images are not an exaggeration.  In the face of people on the internet not understanding the things we like we all find ourselves asking how can these faceless idiots not see why the things I like are awesome in every way?  A difference of opinion expressed in person often garners a shrug or perhaps a thoughtful debate….but on the internet: BOOM!  HOW CAN YOU NOT UNDERSTAND THIS?!  YOUR INABILITY TO UNDERSTAND THAT EVERYTHING I LIKE IS AWESOME IS PROOF OF YOUR FOREVER BEING ALONE AND UGLY!

You get the idea, the internet took the telephone tough guy and granted him unlimited power!

And then he used it to ruin your childhood.

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A Reminder To Always Use Your Musical Talents For Good.

What could be better than music orchestrated from the best made RPG game of all time?  If you answered ‘Chrono Trigger music orchestrated by a very talented Australian girl’, then you would be correct!  The following artist goes by the youtube handle lara6683 (twitter:  @larawithabird) and is a fan of movie and video game music.  I highly recommend following the link above to her page.

Here are two of her many pieces from Chrono Trigger:

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Of Mice And Mayhem!

Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers!

If you are like me then you are well versed in this series.  I mean, who didn’t lose their shit when Gadget rescued the Rangers from the grips of the Coo-Coo Cola cult?

Pretty much the coolest thing ever animated.

Chip and Dale was one of the coolest cartoon concepts of the 90’s.  It took two little side characters featured occasionally in Donald Duck shorts and made them stars of TV’s original cop drama.

Which TECHNICALLY paved the way for this there's that.

So when I discovered that someone had taken the liberty to write a graphic novel following the Rescue Rangers post TV show, I must admit I was interested.  Within a few pages my interest turned into obsessiveness and I finished the tale in a single sitting.  The comic was written by Chris Fischer and is very well done.  Follow the link to take a look, if you were fans at all of the show I guarantee it will not disappoint:

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Dorkly Bits!

That is a video by the guys over at Dorkly Bits.  The writers/animators are insanely clever and the website has many more videos that I definitely recommend you check out.  As a taste I have included my top 5 favorite below (the last two have embedding disabled but follow the link to youtube…it’s worth it:

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I know I already did my Dragoncon posts but I had to share this video with you.  It’s a montage of some the incredibly good and often very creative costumes at the convention (the above pic is my favorite).

The group who made it is called beatdownboogie, I invite you to enjoy their very well done video:

Pure awesomeness.

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This Deal Is Getting Worse All The Time!

Nothing to talk about today…so enjoy this bit of humor about current goings ons!


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Pictured: Me All This Week…

Seriously…Why does this happen as often as it does?

I need to work out a better sleep sleep schedule.

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